Building Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

Ever felt like your customers simply come in once and then walk away never to return? For many businesses this a pressing issue, this problem stems right from small to midsize business right through to large corporations and public companies. The issue is that of BRAND LOYALTY, the problem is how can a business effectively build a relationship and develop a customer rapport effectively in order to establish a consistent client to business relationship.

In modern society many companies are actively encouraged to develop an online presence, the approach is either through the use of social media or by the development of a intuitive website. For many business small and large this is where the problem begins. How do I connect with my customers effectively through the use of media my customers actively use?

The answer is to use social media in an effective way that ties in with the strategy and objectives a business has. Through the use of social media consultants multiple companies are now making effective use of social media to gain a wider online presence and help maintain certain aspects of their customer experience.

Examples of how businesses can use social media are as follows;

  • Narrow your focus to responding to customer complaints, as Comcast does on Twitter.
  • Build brand loyalty, as Bisnow does with e-newsletters, as Skittles does on Facebook, and as the Wine Library does with its podcasts.
  • Issue blog posts and tweets instead of news releases, as Google does with its blog, and as its now-former CEO did with Twitter.
  • Re-purpose your existing content, and thus enlarge your audience, as The New York Times does with Twitter, as the FBI does with Scribd, and as Dell does with SlideShare.
  • Manage your reputation, as countless companies do — or try to do — withWikipedia.
  • Conduct crisis communications, as Johnson & Johnson does with its blog.
  • Hold contests to improve your algorithms, as Netflix did with the Netflix Prize.
  • Crowdsource your challenges, as the U.S. Army did with its field manuals.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership, as recruiter Lindsay Olson does with her blog.
  • Research free advertising opportunities, as Allstate does on YouTube.
  • Showcase your wares, as Zappos does with its blog, and boost your sales, as Dell does on Twitter.
  • Recruit employees, as Booz Allen does on LinkedIn.

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