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Interesting Infographics #1


Interesting Infographics #1 Business Activity On Social Media

Welcome to the first in the series of Interesting Infographics, this series of posts I will aim to provide a different Infographic highlighting different areas and aspects of social media and business.

Interpreting Infographics

The average person spends over 6.2 hours on social networks per month, this culminates to the average person spending over 22.5% of their time utilising a social platform. This vast amount of time spent clicking,tweeting and surfing is a large resource of user attention that business may be to act upon. This point is further emphasised by the second main part of the above infographic showing the level of social commerce, which over the past year has grown and is predicted by 2015 to rapidly expand to a level equivalent to $30 BILLION. This large-scale of activity will enable business to tap into new revenue streams by being able to reach new customer bases through their use of social media platforms. However the presence of multiple large corporations is often unwelcomed by the online communities that use these sites with 87% of Fortune 100 companies in the us and 100% of FTSE 100 companies in the UK utilising a social media presence. The argument for this use is that by allowing businesses and corporations onto these social platforms customers will be able to reap the benefits of better customer service and better businesses – customer interaction. In both cases the most popular platform for businesses to utilise is Twitter with over 2.7 million followers of FTSE 100 corporate accounts it is clear to suggest that some social users accept the and welcome businesses to be on social media sites.

In contrast to the larger businesses smaller to medium size businesses often struggle in this area due to mainly lack of understanding and also in some cases due to the size of their customer base. This area is where the use of a social media can provide a smaller business a platform from which to springboard in order to compete with those who operate on a larger scale. An interesting environment is now arising as more and more small businesses aim to increase their use of social platforms and this year alone has seen an 80% increase by small and mid size businesses adopting a fresh new approach to social media use.

This means that the social environment currently dominated by larger corporations will soon be undergoing a change as more and more smaller often local businesses uptake social media and begin to fully utilise these platforms to complement their business objectives and needs.

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Simple Social Strategy = Success


Social media is a great tool for businesses to implement and use, however one of the biggest hurdles many businesses face when making use of social networks is how to make use of a tool that is mainly for personal use have a corporate spin? The answer is to decide upon and implement a social media strategy.

In order to implement an effective strategy the business firstly has to follow rule one of social media use.

#1 Determine your business objective for using social media

This may sound simple and many would argue would be the first step many businesses would take when trying to decide upon social strategy however for many businesses both small and large this is the step that many struggle on. This first rule is quite possibly the only rule that underpins and can determine the success of an organisations social success.

Clear direction = Clear results

In order to make the use of social media worthwhile the decision must first be made to understand the 3 W’s.

WHY are we using social media?

WHAT are we using social media for?

WHEN are we expected to see results?

By first answering the above W’s a business will gain a sense of direction in which to proceed with the use of social media. This gives more information to decision makers to aid in the creation of the next step in setting clear,concrete and measurable objectives.

An example of some objectives set by small businesses are as follows ;

  • Build your brand by getting people to recognize your name and associate it with your product.
  • Attract new customers by driving traffic to your social media page or company website.
  • Support sales by answering prospects’ questions and showing them how to use your products or services.
  • Engage with your fans by giving customers a reason to talk about your brand and encourage others to purchase from you.

By setting specific objectives, you establish markers for your business. This helps define your social media metrics and will make effective social media marketing easier for you to do.


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Social media in business is a pressing topic that is continually changing. Many business small to large are now encouraging employees to become more open with their use of social media, this contradicts the previous ideology of employees should not use social media for fear of bringing their employer into disrepute. After all an employee still represents the company they work for even after hours, the interesting point here is that businesses are beginning to embrace the change and become more accessible and open with their use of social platforms.

In the new information society businesses must begin to embrace this new approach to interfacing with customers in order to provide a breakdown in communication barriers between customers and businesses. With employees and many businesses making use of social media the process of opening up and embracing connection is becoming a battle that is now moving forward to be won.

Social media in business is a pressing topic

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Welcome to my first blog post, this is the first step in a process of becoming a Social Media Consultant. Over the next few weeks i’ll be posting about my progress of turning my idea into a business.


If you’re interested in what a Social Media Consultant can do for you and your business follow the link to the related article below.

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